kino rebelde cine iberoamericano

Director • Lisbon, Portugal

Filmmaker, cinephile and manager of audiovisual projects. After her studies in Cinema and Television in Córdoba (Argentina), she moved to Buenos Aires where she ventured into documentaries with the director Alejandro Fernández Mouján. Between 2011 and 2015 she was Delegate Producer in Encuentro Channel, shaping and monitoring more than 35 series of cultural, socio-political and human rights content. In 2015 she worked as Producer with the director Abner Benaim. María was also Programmer and General Producer at Film Festivals in Buenos Aires, Panamá and Spain.
Between 2016 and 2017 she lived in Spain, where she decided to create Kino Rebelde to focus on non-fiction audiovisual narratives. Nowadays she lives in Lisbon.

Producer Manager • Buenos Aires, Argentina

Filmmaker, producer and cultural manager. Laila studied Audiovisual Communication in Buenos Aires. During four years, she was part of the Argentinian Cinema Production team in the BAFICI and she was also part of the Vancouver International Festival, RIDM Montréal, DOCS Barcelona y Barcelona Visual Sound. Laila lived in Chile for four years, working in the production and management company Gestus, where she was in charge of the program of Cultural Extension in Public Libraries of the DIBAM, at national and regional level, and she was also part of several different projects for the Consejo Nacional de la Cultura y las Artes. Laila is the director of the MICC - Muestra Iberoamericana de Cortometrajes- a project that since 2013 has been shown in an itinerant way in Barcelona, Madrid, Frankfurt, Darmstadt, Santiago de Chile, Lima and Arequipa. In 2016 Laila joins Kino Rebelde from Buenos Aires, to manage the development and broadcasting of documentary projects.