Lynne Sachs in collaboration with Nir Zats • U.S. • 2005 • 63 min.

Lynne Sachs in collaboration with Nir Zats
U.S. • 2005 • 63 min.


Delving into the religious and political conflicts of the Middle East is never goiny to be easy, but Lynne Sachs spends three years making an effort. She attempts to make a portrait of Israeli filmmaker Revital Ohayon, a mother and peace activist who was killed near the West Bank. By exchanging letters and images with Nir Zats, a friend from the region, Sachs explores one woman ‘s story through her films, news reports, and interviews with her family.  In the process, she creates a ciné-essay on fear and filmmaking, tragedy and transformation, identity and the meaning of “land” to the people on both side of this ongoing tragedy.


Second Prize Documentary
Athens Film Festival. U.S.


Margaret Mead Film Festival. U.S.
Jerusalem Film Festival. Israel
New York Underground Film Festival. U.S.
BAFICI Buenos Aires International Independent Film Festival. Argentina
San Francisco Cinematheque. U.S.
Pacific Film Archive. U.S.
Cinequest Film Festival. U.S.
Iowa International Documentary Film Festival. U.S.
Northampton Film Festival. U.S.
Big Muddy Film Festival. U.S.
San Francisco States University. U.S.
California College of Art. U.S.
University of California Berkeley. U.S.
Georgetown University. U.S.
Visible Evidence Documentary Conference. Brazil
DocAviv International Documentary Festival. Israel (2020)