Lynne Sachs • U.S. • 2001 • 45 min.

Lynne Sachs
U.S. • 2001 • 45 min.


On May 17th, 1968 nine Vietnam War protesters led by Daniel and Philip Berrigan, walked into a Catonsville, Maryland draft board office, grabbed hundreds of selective service records and burned them with homemade napalm. “Investigation of a Flame” is an intimate, experimental documentary portrait of the Catonsville Nine, this disparate band of resisters who chose to break the law in a defiant, poetic act of civil disobedience.


Prize Documentary
Athens Film Festival. U.S.


National Broadcast on the Sundance Channel. U.S.
Maryland Film Festival. U.S.
Museum of Modern Art, Documentary Fortnight. U.S.
Rhode Island Film Festival. U.S.
Art Institute of Chicago. U.S.
Mill Valley Film Festival. U.S.
San Francisco Cinematheque. U.S.
Pacific Film Archive. U.S.
Corcoran Gallery, Washington, D.C. U.S.
Olympia Film Festival. Greece.
Providence Women’s Film Festival. U.S.
Denver Film Festival. U.S.
Harvard University Film Archive. U.S.
Cornell University Cinema. U.S.
Museum of Fine Arts Boston. U.S.
NY Underground Film Festival. U.S.
Vassar College. U.S.
Ithaca College. U.S.
Massachusetts College of Art. U.S.
Maine Film Festival. U.S.
Florida Film Festival. U.S.
Georgetown University. U.S.
Brooklyn Academy of Music. U.S.
Portland Doc. Festival, U.S.
Wisconsin Film Festival. U.S.
Georgetown University’s Jesuit Week. U.S.
American University Center for Social Media. U.S.