Mike Hoolboom • Canada • 2020 • 63 min. • Super 8 mm

Mike Hoolboom
Canada • 2020 • 63 min. • Super 8 mm


Radical feminist, street fighter, practical dreamer. This lyrical doc, shot in super 8, recounts Judy Rebick’s pivotal role in securing women’s rights over their own bodies in Canada. She lays out the key tenets of second wave feminism, even as a family time bomb threatens. The film closes with a harrowingly personal account of a divided self, and a startling embrace of mental illness as creativity.



Grand Prix National Competition
Festival du Nouveau Cinéma. Canada (2020)
Best of the Festival 
United States Super 8 Film and DV Festival. U.S. (2021)
Human Rights Award
Scottish Mental Health Arts Festival. UK (2021)
Equality Award
Peloponnisos International Documentary Festival. Greece (2021)
Special Jury Mention for Women in Leadership
Beirut International Women Film Festival. Lebanon (2021)


IFFR International Film Festival Rotterdam. Netherlands (2020)
Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Film Festival. Canada (2020)
Sheffield Doc/Fest. UK (2020)
MUTA Festival Internacional de Apropiación Audiovisual. Peru (2020)
IHRFFA International Human Rights Film Festival. Albania (2020)
ITGWO, Into The Great Wide Open Festival. Netherlands (2020)
IndieCork Film Festival. Ireland (2020)
Rendezvous With Madness Film Festival. Canada (2020)
ULTRAcinema. Mexico (2020)
Cámara Lúcida · Encuentros Cinematográficos. Ecuador (2020)
Athens Ethnographic Film Festival. Greece (2020)
Queer Lisboa, International Film Festival. Portugal (2020)
Tacoma Film Festival. U.S. (2020)
Festival dei Popoli International Documentary Film Festival. Italy (2020)
Festival Film Dokumenter. Indonesia (2020)
Art Gallery of Hamilton. Canada (2021)
ReFrame Film Festival. Canada (2021)
The Cinematheque, Vancouver. Canada (2021)
Punto de Vista International Documentary Film Festival. Spain (2021)
DOK.fest München. Germany (2021)
Sicilia Queer Film Festival. Italy (2021)
ZagrebDox International Documentary Film Festival. Croatia (2021)
AL ESTE Film Festival. Peru + Bolivia (2021)
Modern Fuel Artist Run Centre | Kingston. Canada (2021)
Unlimited Hope Film Festival. Germany (2021)
Goldsmiths Centre for Contemporary Art by Golden Paper Mental Health. UK (2022)
Feminist Film Festival. Romania (2022)


"Hoolboom artfully shifts between Rebick reminiscing and his poetic montages, which play out like dreamy flashbacks. It’s a triumphant experimental/documentary hybrid."

Canada’s Documentary Magazine POV • by Matthew Hays

"The film does not attempt to contain or limit Rebick’s perspective to digestible soundbites, preferring to create a sense of her ever-expanding impact and ideas. It is a film with a starting point of individual struggle and transforms into an intimate portrait of collective action."

HYPERALLERGIC • by Justine Smith

"Judy Versus Capitalism is an astonishing accomplishment. Utterly heartbreaking, the film is also a resounding act of bravery. Judy Rebick tells her story—all of it —and director Mike Hoolboom expertly crafts a breathtaking visual journey into its core."

THAT SHELF • by Barbara Goslawski

"Truly, the film explores what a deeply strange place the human mind is and shows there’s no better way to document this than through the art of cinema."

THE TYEE • Dorothy Woodend

"Hoolboom employs an artful visual language in Judy Versus Capitalism to convey his subject’s mental state."

NOW • by Norman Willer


Mike Hoolboom

Mike Hoolboom

Mike Hoolboom

Mike Hoolboom

Nicholas Kovats
Emma O’Brien
John Price
Aaron Rotenberg

Mike Hoolboom

Mike Hoolboom

María Vera (Kino Rebelde)


Territory: Spain

Territory: Worldwide