Lynne Sachs and Mark Street • U.S. • 2007 • 12 min.

Lynne Sachs and Mark Street
U.S. • 2007 • 12 min.


Lynne asked Mark to collaborate with her on the creation of a piece in which they would each ruminate on the other’s visuals, reacting in a visceral way to what the other person had hurled on the screen. Lynne would edit; Mark would edit. Back and forth and always forward. No regrets or over-thinking. In this way, the diptych structure is sometimes a boxing match and other times a pas de deux. Newsreel footage of Ronald Reagan’s assassination attempt is brushed up against hand painted film, domestic spaces, and Christmas movie trailers. Together, we move from surface to depth and back again without even feeling the bends.


Grand Prize of the City of Oberhausen
Oberhausen Film Festival. Germany
Jury’s Choice Award
Black Maria Film Festival. U.S.


LUX & Club des Femmes. UK
Curtas BH Belo Horizonte International Short Film Festival. Brazil